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Welcome to Strata Capital

At Strata Capital, we believe that a life well-lived is defined by balance. Balance between work and family; between caring for others and caring for ourselves; between their lifestyle today and in the future. As wealth advisors and financial planners*, our job is to help our clients understand how the decisions they make today impact their future.

We appreciate the busy lives that our clients live, and we know they need someone they can trust to help them maximize and protect what they have worked so hard to earn. We understand that financial decisions are often daunting and complex, and we take pride in making things easier for our clients and giving them the tools, resources and information, they need to make decisions confidently.

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The highest level; the act of taking the high road

Meet the Team

David D’Albero headshot

David C. D’Albero II

Managing Partner | Financial Adviser

John Cacciapuoti headshot

John Cacciapuoti

Partner | Financial Services Professional

Carmine Coppola headshot

Carmine B. Coppola

Partner | Financial Adviser

Daniel headshot

Daniel J. Hamm

Financial Adviser

Tom headshot

Thomas Woloszyn

Associate Financial Adviser

Nadine Rando headshot

Nadine Rando

Director of Client Relations


Strategic Alliances

Effective financial planning* can sometimes require a team of experts working together to serve your best interests. In such situations, we are the quarterback who makes sure everyone is working together to achieve the best possible results. If you have existing team members you trust, such as your CPA or attorney, we are happy to work with them, and we can also bring in our subject-matter experts as needed.

What to Expect


Some financial planning firms emphasize the financial plan as being their client experience. A problem we believe with this approach is that it is set it and forget it. At Strata Capital we consider the financial plan* to be a prerequisite, same as a blood panel for a doctor. The financial plan itself is just the beginning, and how we work together after the initial plan is created is critical to our relationship with you. Your life will change and so will the services you want from your adviser. A financial plan should be a living document that changes with you. Our emphasis on relationship and collaborative decision making helps ensure that your plan* will reflect who you are and what is most important to you.


We understand life gets in the way and finances can get messy. Simplifying your accounts, statements, and online access is a great start to managing your finances. We want to diminish the anxiety of you looking at your accounts or wondering where they are held. The complex does not have to be complicated. If your situation is more intricate and requires a more in-depth analysis, we are more than capable. Save the complex matters for us, we will display the concepts and solutions in a simple fashion so it is easier to make decisions and you can get back to being you.


Our first step, always, is to understand you and who is important to you. Financial planning* is defined different for each one of our clients. It usually falls somewhere in between what feels good and what makes the most sense with your money. If you look at your life as a business, where you are the CEO, our task as your personal CFO is to arm you with the knowledge and data to help you make the best possible decisions.


We are on the front lines providing access to the best possible technology solutions for you. We have the power to aggregate your financial life in one central, secure location so it is easy for you to access and know where you stand. On our end, we always use state-of-the-art programs to help ensure you are getting the most accurate analysis. Some of the tools we use are:

  • eMoney
  • Aladdin by BlackRock
  • Morningstar


We like numbers. Our job when you hire us to solve a problem is to put the math behind the dream. We look at you, your family, and your business as a corporate institution that needs an in-depth assessment on where it is today and where is it going in the future. Powered by Monte Carlo analysis and piloted by our experience, we use analysis formerly reserved for institutions to help ensure we are considering all variables and managing all risks when forecasting your future.


Bound to a best interest standard. Company agnostic. We work for you, not an institution.


Who We Serve Best

At Strata Capital LLC, we have developed a process over the years that allows us to help people break through obstacles and achieve their goals in an effective way, no matter what stage of life they’re in. However, we are especially equipped to serve the following clients.

Corporate Professionals & Executives


Family Businesses &
Closely Held Corporations

Investment Professionals &
Portfolio Managers

Physicians and
Healthcare Professionals

Professional Athletes
and Entertainers

Areas of Expertise

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning*
  • Investment Management**
  • Environmental Socially Governance (ESG) Investments**
  • Executive Benefits
  • Asset Protection
  • Estate & Legacy Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Succession Planning

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